First blog — Taking a first step to become a web developer

Codestates web development boot camp review (so far)

This is my first ever blog. I know there’ll be very few people who’ll read this but I’m still nervous about writing my first ever blog. Also, I’m bad at writing. Anyway, I’m writing this blog to review or look behind my progress so far in a web development boot camp I’ve enrolled in. I don’t have a clear picture of how this blog will end up and I don’t know how to structure my future blogs, but my goal is to set up some blog as a diary and others as a technical log. There is always a first time for everything. With many trials and failures, I believe I’ll have a clearer picture of how I’ll set up my future blogs. So here I go.

Two weeks have passed since I enrolled in Codestate’s web development bootcamp. The bootcamp is 20 weeks long and it’s 9 am to 6 pm every weekday. I suppose one can say it’s a tight schedule, but so far I find it manageable. The bootcamp provides detailed schedules of what I’ll be learning each day. So knowing what I’ll be learning, I usually study ahead in my own time to minimize difficulties that I might encounter and maximize my understandings of learning materials. So far it’s been working well, so I plan to keep on doing it.

Mainly the course so far is learning the basics of javascript, html, and css. I’ve studied C, python, and java before. I know they are all different languages but they share many similarities so it was easier for me to get into the basics. Timetable for each day is divided into different lessons where each lesson is a new material which I have to learn in a specific duration of time. After that, I’ll be assigned a partner then we’ll do a pair-programming to do an assignment that’s given to us. I’ve been fortunate to have good pairs so far. They were all very helpful, our communication was good, and we finished all of our assignments without any problem.

To conclude, my progress has been good so far but obviously, there is always room for improvement. I received a review of me from one of my paired partners. He said he got a feeling that I was trying to rush a bit to finish our assignment early. He’s right. We were ahead of our schedule so I thought we could just finish it early and be done with it, but rushing is never good especially when it comes to coding where one misplaced letter or missing semi-colon could lead to a catastrophic failure. I’ll be sure to be more patient in the future.



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